Our Star Family Services
Coming Soon 2019
Services are  done at mobile workshops and sometimes virtually, feel free to contact us for our next workshop or follow our event news letters. All our services are free and are done by volunteers.
  • Recreational Activities

  • Housing Application Assistance [NYCH, FEPPS, LINK...]

  • Employment Readiness [Job  applications, Resume Assistance, Unemployment application assistance, SSI application assistance, Interview prep, Interview clothing assistance and donations...]

  • Financial Planning [Money management, Food pantry assistance, ...]

  • Education [GED referral/ placement, Tutoring and placement, Home school assistance, Night school placement/assistance, College readiness and application assistance...]

  • Health [Individual, Mariage, Family,  counseling and ABA therapy referral and placement ]

  • Childcare [Babysitting and childcare placement and application assistance]

  • Transportation [ Access- a- Ride, pick up and drop off services...]

  • See our Partners for additional Services

Things Happen, We Know.

So lets find a solution, Together.

Feel free to drop us a line, or contact us, as many times as you like.

Email: info@ourstarfamily.org


Phone: 201-381-4154

Registered Charity: 46-23-46 

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